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Mission Statement

Our aim is to save lives and to protect property and the environment, by supplying high quality fire and safety products and compliance services.

We will achieve this by ensuring our staff are highly trained and motivated to deliver excellent customer service and by creating an environment where they can develop and grow.

Together, we believe this will lead to the continued success of our Business.


We take a friendly approach with our stakeholders, listening to and clarifying what their needs are and going the extra mile.

We respect all our stakeholders equally.

Operational attention to detail is constant and of paramount importance.


By being honest and professional with our stakeholders we can build trust.

We can be trusted to maintain commercial and personal confidentiality.


We believe that communication within the company is paramount, recognising that listening and involvement are essential components in this.

Being a small company, we pride ourselves in staff feeling like they belong and continually strengthen our relationships.

We are all worthy of respect and recognise that respect and empathy towards each other are contributors to inclusiveness.

We support each other and share our knowledge with both staff and customers to benefit ourselves and to give our customer the best solution to meet their needs.


We believe in a flexible approach to our stakeholders for mutual benefit.

We go out of our way to find a solution to meet all of our customers's needs.

We believe in being approachable with our stakeholders to understand their needs.

We treat our customers as people and individuals by building close working relationships.

We strive to ensure that dealing with us is a fun experience for our stakeholders.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

We reduce our waste by recycling wherever possible and practicable.

We are committed to the welfare of our staff by creating a safe working environment and investing in their personal development.

We monitor the use of utilities and thereby seek economic ways to reduce our energy and water consumption.