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How often should a Fire Door be inspected?

Although there are no set frequencies within law, industry standards detail how Fire Door Inspection frequencies may change depending on the building and its use. 

A more commonly adopted approach is to undertake thorough Fire Door Inspections every 6 months, however, you may find certain locations subject to higher use may require Fire Door Inspections more frequently, for instance every 3 months. At Right Action, we would generally recommend having a thorough Fire Door Inspection every 6 months as a minimum and then have a competent member of your maintenance team carry out monthly Fire Door Inspections making use of our easy-to-follow template.  In doing so, you are demonstrating that you are engaging the services of a professional every 6 months whilst monitoring your Fire Doors’ condition monthly, picking up any changes in condition or damage as quickly as possible. 

In addition to the above, where you have Fire Doors that are electronically held open, or free swing door closers, it is important that these Fire Doors are released/activated, forcing them to close on a weekly basis.  The reason for this is to ensure that the Fire Doors will close fully and engage into the frame creating the complete seal required should it need to hold back the spread of fire and smoke.  All Fire Doors need to close effectively from any degree of opening using just the door closer itself.  Common errors in a Fire Doorset siting and environment can often inflict damage or fault to the Fire Doorset without realising. Such potential issues will be highlighted within our Fire Door Inspection and can then be monitored on a weekly basis. 

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