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Why do you need a Fire Door inspecting?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 sets out the legal obligation of the Responsible Person along with their need to maintain the premises and the contents within. Fire Doors make up a crucial element of the building and its fire protection, resulting in the need to ensure your Fire Doors are inspected and maintained along with all other aspects of fire safety, such as fire extinguishers, fire dampers, fire alarm systems, etc. 

Fire Door Inspection could also be a current condition stipulated within either your Building Fire Risk Assessment or your Insurance Policy, yet this might not be obvious.

Fire Doors, on a day-to-day basis, are regular doors that we all use without necessarily realising. This day to day use alone can inflict slight alterations and/or damage upon a Fire Door and its surroundings, affecting the performance in the event of a fire.  Regular checks and maintenance are therefore of upmost importance. 

In the event of a fire developing within your building, it is crucial that escape routes provide a means of safe evacuation, whilst also providing the effective barrier against the spread of fire and smoke.  The most effective way of keeping your Fire Doors in optimum condition is to engage with a knowledgeable, experienced Fire Door Compliance company, such as Right Action.  Our surveys will comprehensively cover all aspects of a Fire Door, including the hardware and the ability to perform effectively at that one time they are required to do so. 

Fire Safety Compliance Regulations are mandatory and a Right Action Fire Door Inspection will identify any non-compliant areas which require improvement.  The improvement could be by way of adjustment, a suitable Fire Door repair or a partial or full replacement Fire Doorset. 

A Fire Door is designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke and as such are one of the most important fire safety products within your building. This regular maintenance and ongoing remediation ensures you have achieved your responsibilities. 

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