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Why do I need a Certified Fire Door Inspector?

Due to the nature of fire safety it is clear that, where possible, residual risks need to be reduced or eradicated. By engaging the services of a trained, competent and independent Fire Door Inspector, you are engaging with someone who has expert knowledge of the fire door industry and who are able to identify all issues that may be present with any Fire Door. 

Employing the services of Right Action and gaining the expertise and knowledge of our Fire Door Inspector you, as the Responsible Person, can evidence your compliance with the latest Regulations & obligations surrounding the provision of regular Fire Door Inspections & Fire Door Maintenance as a result.

We undertake our Fire Door Compliance Surveys based on our vast experience and knowledge gained over time, which is further enhanced by our various certifications and accreditations.

Our Fire Door Inspectors will clearly detail the current condition of the Fire Doors within your building.  This will further assist you in developing your individual Action Plan aimed at keeping all Fire Doors compliant. 

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