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What does a Fire Door inspector do?

On employing Right Action to undertake your Fire Door Inspection, we will undertake some desktop work prior to our Fire Door Inspectors arrival on your site.

Once on site, our Fire Door Inspector will agree with you the most effective and least disruptive process of carrying out the survey.  At this stage, we will ensure we have all relevant keys, access codes and drawings to hand, ready to begin working around your building.

Each existing Fire Door, regardless of its type, will be surveyed to our in-depth standards, impartially assessing the door against set industry performance criteria.  During this Fire Door Inspection, our Fire Door Inspectors will inspect each component of the Fire Doorset.  The following is not an exhaustive list, but indicates some of the areas we will cover:

  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Intumescents
  • Door closer
  • Hinges
  • Glass
  • Locks
  • Signage
  • Perimeter gaps

Following our thorough survey, you will receive a detailed and transparent compliance report, along with images, showing which of your Fire Doors have passed and which have failed the Fire Door Inspection along with any reason why. A NAFDI Fire Door Inspector’s Certificate is also issued. 

Should you then wish to engage with our Fire Door Inspectors regarding any resulting actions needed, they can consult with you on the most effective means of action per location affected.  We can also return to site and re-survey any failed Fire Doors following the completion of any actions agreed.  At this stage, the Fire Doors should pass the survey and therefore a new Report will be issued showcasing this, along with the issuing of the NAFDI Fire Door Inspector’s Certificate to ensure your ongoing records are up to date and accurate.

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