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Is a Fire Door Inspection intrusive or likely to cause disruption in my building?

With vast experience of working within live buildings, our Fire Door Inspectors are well placed to undertake Fire Door Inspections and their associated operations with minimal disruption to the building and its occupants. 

You will be informed of the Sample Architrave Survey and its requirements when first engaging with us.  This allows the Responsible Person the option to include physical Fire Door Inspection behind architrave to a proportion of your Fire Doors (10%).  The purpose of this is to gain a generalised indication as to the quality of installation including evidence of adequate fire stopping between the fire door frame and the opening.  The findings will showcase a general pattern as to the original installations carried out.  

If Right Action are instructed to carry out the Sample Architrave Survey, this will be done as cleanly and quietly as possible, however, please be aware there will be a level of noise and debris which is generally minimal, but in some environments (such as open stairwells), the level of noise may increase.  This can be discussed further on site with you.

If the Responsible Person opts not to proceed with a Sample Architrave Survey, they are engaging us to proceed on the basis that this element of a Fire Doorset is not surveyed.  The Responsible Person may opt this way for a few reasons, such as the Fire Doors were installed recently and the install is a fully Certified Fire Door from that time or the building usage does not suit for this work (i.e., mental health ward).

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